Fairfield, Pennsylvania

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News from the Pippinfest Committee(updated 10/1/2019)

Pippinfest 2019 Committee:

The committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except for January, November, December) at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall.  Beginning the second week in August, the Committee will meet weekly until the event.  The Pippinfest committee welcomes new members and volunteers.  Please contact Sally Thomas or Susan in the Borough Office if you are interested.  The committee members for 2019 are listed below.  


2019 Committee Members

Sally Thomas, Chair 
Beverly Cihan
Camille Cline
LuAnn Dille

​Kara Ferraro

Brad Gottfried

Linda Gottfried

Jessica Kraft

Josh Laird
David Metz

Linda  Sites

Jane Troxell

Nancy Wenschhof

2019 Volunteers: 
Bonnie Baers

Carolyn Adams

LuAnn Battersby

Charles Dalton

Louise Dille

Dorothy Drechsler

Lonnie Eskeil

Butch Harbaugh

Ron Harris

Alex Hayes

Maddy Laird

Carrie Malpica

Dan Moul

Tom Rodgers

Nora Rodgers

Matt Sites

Steve Sites

Bob Stanley

Mike Troxell

Dean Thomas

Clyde Wenschhof